Data Forensics

CCI is comprised of over 40 combined years of federal, state, and local law enforcement investigative, intelligence, and computer forensics/network experience. We focus on providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions to a customer base ranging from individual home-owners to large-scale corporate businesses.

Computer/Cell Phone Forensics

Our highly skilled and certified analysts understand the important yet fragile emphasis placed on computer forensics by corporations, businesses, insurance agencies, private citizens, lawyers and the court system. With a combined experience of over 30 years in computer forensics and over 40 years in law enforcement, we confidently provide time-tested methods and accurate results that stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny. Whether it’s a Windows-based PC, Apple computer, company server, local user account, or cell phone, CCI provides in-depth and exhaustive examination techniques catered to your needs. In addition to investigation-driven computer forensics, CCI also provides data recovery services, consulting services, net work security and forensic training.

Network Testing and Hardening

Today’s open and interconnected computer networks provide great flexibility and capabilities in sharing data with customers and suppliers. These networks also allow for great productivity within an organization as well. However, without proper network design, configuration, and management, these same networks can pose serious security risks. The current threat landscape such as malware, ‘hacking’ intrusions, information theft, and Denial of Service attacks, are highly sophisticated and more prevalent than ever before. The current generation of automated ‘hacking’ tools can inflict significant damage in a short period of time, and are capable of attacking many different network segments. Present day security systems such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection systems provide important layers to an organization’s security program, however they are not able to proactively detect network vulnerabilities and reliably prevent attacks. Modern attacks bypass these devices and directly target vulnerabilities discovered in servers, user behavior, wireless, and internal and external network design flaws.

All businesses, large and small, face imminent dangers such as malware, ‘hacking’ intrusions, information theft, Denial of Service attacks, and automated ‘hacking’ tools. CCI provides vulnerability auditing and threat management programs that can address each critical component of your security infrastructure. Our process employs comprehensive network and host security audits and assessments. We utilize advanced penetration testing and vulnerability management systems that can identify and correct weaknesses before they are exploited.